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Caring for Your Mental Health as a New Parent

Welcoming a new baby into the family can be both exciting and overwhelming. As much as they love their little bundle of joy, parents can feel scared and unsure about their new role. According to the World Health Organization, 10% …

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How to Recognize Addiction

During the month of September, we are shining a light on journeys to recovery. Until the problem of addiction is recognized, recovery can’t happen.  Whether you fear your substance use is out of control or believe a loved one is …

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Companion Animals and Mental Health: A Reflection on Pandemic Pets

“Sometimes, the best medicine is unconditional love from your pet.” — Anonymous  When COVID first began to spread across the globe, people around the globe began to experience varying hardships in terms of their health, relationships, and financial well-being. So …

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E-Mental Health Continues to be a Promising New Field

While “e-mental health” is a relatively new field, it shows great promise. Fuelled by the recent pandemic, more and more digital tools and resources are becoming available. As reported in a recent AMA survey of 1,300 physicians, physician use of technology has …

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The Mental Health Consequences of Physical Distancing

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented times, which is why researchers continue to collect data in order to understand the true consequences. Social distancing is of particular interest in regard to mental well-being, as quarantine and isolation measures have had a …

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Increased Virtual Mental Health Support is Needed In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic is not a national issue, it’s a global crisis. In order to support one another, it’s important to stay-up-to-date with the latest research and implement key changes as needed. This is particularly important in terms of …

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The Link Between Diminishing Mental Health and Healthcare Workers

Health experts around the globe continue to express their concerns regarding COVID-19 and increased rates of mental health complications. However, there’s one group in particular that many are worried about – healthcare workers. As stated by the World Health Organization, …

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6 Ways to Better Manage Stress During COVID-19

If someone asked you how you’re feeling right now, what would you say? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Fearful? You’re certainly not alone. Anxiety levels are increasing across the United States and the globe, as millions face uncertainty in regard to their health …

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Social Isolation: Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy

By now, everyone is aware of the term “social isolation” in regard to the coronavirus crisis. Every medical authority, including WHO and the CDC, urges citizens in the US and other affected countries to stay inside whenever possible. And while …

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Helping Our Children Cope With COVID-19 Anxiety

How can you help your children during this time? Since the COVID-19 outbreak has canceled most schools across the U.S., many parents and children are spending their springtime together at home. Children and teens may find it particularly difficult to …

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Pushing into Happiness

Something as simple as having a good day should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, “bad days,” especially at work, are disturbingly common. In the modern world, where we spend most of our time working at a job we don’t love …

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The Surprising Impact of Multitasking on Mental Health

We’ve known for a while (at least a decade, according to one Harvard study) that multitasking is a big no-no. We lose 40 percent productivity when we try to do more than one thing at the same time. But an …

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Lifting weights might lift your mood

Diet, Therapy http://www.healthcommunities.com/posttraumatic-stress-disorder-ptsd/lifestyle-changes-ptsd.shtml

Reduce PTSD Symptoms through Lifestyle Changes

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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for PTSD in the military

A review of promising emerging evidence The personal, social and economic burden of human suffering, treatment costs, disability compensation, and productivity losses related to PTSD are major issues facing American society broadly. After decades of research there is still no consensus on …

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Natural remedies for treating bipolar disorder

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Everyday Tips for Living With Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

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Schizophrenia Treatment and Self-Help

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6 Ways to Support Self-Care for Someone With Schizophrenia

Therapy https://psychcentral.com/lib/illuminating-13-myths-of-schizophrenia/

Illuminating 13 Myths of Schizophrenia

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Study Shows Efficacy of Mindfulness Meditation in Treating Adults With ADHD

Mindfulness meditation is effective in treating adults with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders. ADHD has an incidence of 4% in the adult population, and is often characterized by the inattention and …

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How Exercise Works Like A Drug for ADHD

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Exercise and the ADHD Brain: The Neuroscience of Movement

Exercise https://childmind.org/article/adhd-and-exercise/

ADHD and Exercise

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Herbal Treatment for anxiety: Is it effective?

Several herbal remedies have been studied as a treatment for anxiety, but more research is needed to understand the risks and benefits. Here’s what we know — and don’t know: Kava. Kava appeared to be a promising treatment for anxiety, but …

Sleep https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/anxiety-and-stress-weighing-heavily-at-night-a-new-blanket-might-help

Anxiety and stress weighing heavily at night? A new blanket might help

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How to cope with OCD

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Five Daily Lifestyle Changes to Manage Intrusive Thoughts

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How Can OCD Be Prevented by Diet?

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Tips for Living With OCD

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Ten Things You Need To Know To Overcome OCD

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How Nutritional Therapy Is Helping People Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Scientists are finding that addressing nutritional deficiencies and gut bacteria health may be missing pieces of the sobriety puzzle. Overcoming alcohol addiction isn’t easy, even with expert help. Estimated success ratesTrusted Source in the few years following treatment vary between 20 and …

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Can exercise help conquer addiction?

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Using Exercise to Aid Alcohol and Drug Recovery

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Yoga for anxiety and depression

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How Exercise Can Help You Beat Addiction

It’s common knowledge that exercise is good for you, but finding the time and motivation to workout can be a challenge. For those suffering with addiction, it’s especially difficult, as physical activity often takes a backseat to getting high. But …

Diet, Exercise, Sleep https://www.blurtitout.org/blog/

Blurt It Out

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The Benefits of Exercise for MDD

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A Nutritional Guide to Managing Your MDD