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Making the Most Out of Therapy Sessions

Navigating therapy can be a transformative journey, and making the most of each session is key to fostering growth and healing. Here are six essential tips, from finding the right therapist to trusting the therapeutic process, to enhance your therapy experience. Find a Therapist That’s Right For You It’s important to find a therapist whose… Continue reading Making the Most Out of Therapy Sessions

How to Cope with Being Triggered

Understanding and coping with emotional triggers is a crucial aspect of mental health and well-being. This article explores what it means to be triggered, the reasons behind it, and effective strategies to cope with these intense emotional responses. What Does It Mean to Be Triggered? Being triggered involves experiencing intense emotions that are often a… Continue reading How to Cope with Being Triggered

The Link Between Mental Health & Academic Performance

The fast paced academic world can be slow to see how a student’s mental health is so intimately connected to their academic performance. In most academic settings, academic success is the driving focus. Because of this many schools are left with an environment that feels slow to address the mental well-being of its students. When… Continue reading The Link Between Mental Health & Academic Performance

The 3 Pillars of Self-Trust

Often, anxiety can come from fear or anticipation of the unknown. You can’t predict what exactly will happen next in your life, but having trust in yourself can give you a sense of peace. It’s easier to walk through the unknown twists and turns of life when you have a solid foundation of trust in… Continue reading The 3 Pillars of Self-Trust

ADHD and Your Wallet

Keeping an eye on your finances can be a challenging thing. On top of the typical ups and downs of maintaining a budget, the roughly 4% of Americans with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, may find it even more challenging to get started with a healthy budget for the day-to-day expenses of life. Often, children diagnosed… Continue reading ADHD and Your Wallet

The Importance of Emotional Validation

Each day, human beings experience a vast range of positive and negative emotions. However, when we feel we need to hide these emotions from others around us, it can lead to breakdowns in communication, identity insecurity, and depression. Because of this, it is essential to practice and receive emotional validation from those around you.  What… Continue reading The Importance of Emotional Validation

Is It Stress or Something More Serious?

Stress is something we all experience, which makes it difficult to recognize when what what you’re experiencing goes beyond stress. This is especially true because we all react to stress in slightly different ways. Stress is normal to an extent. It helps us meet work deadlines, keep track of family obligations, and be prepared for… Continue reading Is It Stress or Something More Serious?

How a Smile Can Change Your Brain Chemistry

It’s said that a smile can light up a room, but did you know certain circuits in your brain also “light up” when you grin? As it turns out, there’s an intriguing relationship between the expression on your face and the mood you’re experiencing—one that, to some degree, can be “hacked” to help elevate your… Continue reading How a Smile Can Change Your Brain Chemistry

Mental Health Tips for Working From Home

Working from home has many benefits, but for those struggling with their mental health, it may present some unique challenges.  At-home jobs can be isolating when you don’t have the opportunity to regularly engage with coworkers or peers. You can feel as though you aren’t grasping the daily tasks associated with your role, lacking connection,… Continue reading Mental Health Tips for Working From Home

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage happens when someone participates in one or more behaviors that undermine their wellbeing and success. From procrastination to stress eating, self-sabotaging behaviors take many forms and affect countless people. The root cause of self-sabotage often varies from person to person. Some people engage in self-sabotage from a short-term lack of self-esteem, while more extreme… Continue reading Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Now Offering Primary Medical Care!

This is where a journey to better health begins; primary care includes routine examinations, general health advice, and early detection of potential problems.