Signs You May Have Been Raised by Emotionally Immature Parents

Raising children is difficult and, unfortunately, many adults aren’t equipped with the emotional maturity needed to become effective parents. As a result, countless children grow up in households that lack emotional stability, support, and validation. These disadvantages can impact a child’s habits, behaviors and overall mental health well into adulthood–even for their entire lives–if left… Continue reading Signs You May Have Been Raised by Emotionally Immature Parents

Ways to Support a Friend with an Eating Disorder

Watching someone you care about struggle with an eating disorder can be painful. If you’re unsure how to support them throughout their recovery journey, keep these ideas in mind. Eat normally in front of them Watching others eat a balanced meal can be helpful for those with an eating disorder, unless they specifically ask you… Continue reading Ways to Support a Friend with an Eating Disorder

I Think I’m Being Gaslighted. Now What?

When you reflect on your relationship with someone and realize something isn’t right, it’s a crushing feeling.  Manipulation—even if it’s not obvious—can happen in any relationship. Whether it’s a working relationship with your boss or a romantic relationship with your spouse, if you find yourself being manipulated to the point that you question reality, you’re… Continue reading I Think I’m Being Gaslighted. Now What?

Look Out for Love Bombing

Compliments, affection, gifts, and lots of time together can seem like green flags at the beginning of a relationship. However, they can quickly turn into signs of love bombing. Love bombing is when someone shows excessive attention to their romantic partner as a way to assert control. It’s considered a form of manipulation because the… Continue reading Look Out for Love Bombing

Developing a More Secure Attachment Style

Attachment theory is a framework based on the research of psychologist John Bowlby. It describes four different approaches adults may take toward relationships: avoidant, disorganized, anxious-ambivalent, or secure. People with secure attachment styles can trust, support, and communicate with their partners without becoming dependent on the relationship for their own happiness, sense of security, or… Continue reading Developing a More Secure Attachment Style

The Gift of Giving Gifts

Helping others and giving back to the community make you feel good. The same can be said for giving a gift to a friend or family member. Giving instead of receiving is scientifically proven to improve your mental and physical health, so here are just some ways that giving is good for you. You feel… Continue reading The Gift of Giving Gifts

Why You Should Pick Up the Phone

When you’re lonely, missing a loved one, or just want someone to talk to, it can be tempting to opt for a quick text message or DM. However, there are benefits to picking up the phone and making a call instead. Why phone calls? Vocal communication has been scientifically proven to build stronger connections between… Continue reading Why You Should Pick Up the Phone

Homeschooling & Mental Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many families opted for homeschooling instead of the traditional, in-person classroom. Homeschooling can have great results for some students while others may face social, emotional, and mental challenges. So, how can these be turned into opportunities for the students who may be struggling? Social opportunities Kids are used to going to… Continue reading Homeschooling & Mental Health

Greek Life & Mental Health

As college students return to campus, many will choose to rush Greek organizations or rejoin their fraternities and sororities. Though these communities offer socialization and career connections that are appealing to many students, they can also be a source of stress, anxiety, and depression for a variety of reasons. Social stressors Students participating in Greek… Continue reading Greek Life & Mental Health

Battling Bullies: Tips For Parents

Talking about mental health matters, and the words we use can have a Bullying comes in a wide variety of forms. From name-calling to physical harm, children may face bullies as early as preschool and throughout their teenage years. If you’re a parent worried about the wellbeing of your child, check out these tips for… Continue reading Battling Bullies: Tips For Parents