The Child and Adolescent Team for Community and Home-Based Services employs a multidisciplinary approach to providing community and home-based treatment for youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families residing in Tippecanoe County. It draws on evidenced-based practices and provides a combination of intensive individual and family therapy, medication management, and case management services.

The team meets daily to discuss consumer progress and daily needs and facilitate the provision of “just in time” services. Services are available seven days a week, as clinically indicated. Intensive home-based services may occur in conjunction with school-based services or wraparound services, although this is not required. The team provides after hours support through an on-call system in which a team member is available to provide crisis intervention and stabilization. Additional principles include:

  • Small consumer to staff ratio to allow intensity and comprehensiveness of service
  • Services provided out of the office and in natural settings
  • Highly specialized services
  • Ongoing assessment and modification of treatment plan
  • Assertive approach
  • Long-term services if needed
  • Substance abuse services
  • Psycho-education services
  • Family support and education

Youth must meet the following criteria in order to qualify:

  • At least two mental health diagnoses
    • ADHD or substance abuse cannot be the primary diagnosis
  • Must be at least 3 years old
  • Minimum IQ of 70
  • Demonstrate high level of need in the areas of family, social, and community functioning
  • Deemed safe to live in the community
  • Family must be willing to allow services to be provided in the home

Please note additional criteria may apply.

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