Uplifting Podcasts to Enjoy During Coronavirus Isolation

Uplifting Podcasts to Enjoy During Coronavirus Isolation

A few people might think that self-quarantining sounds like a good time to take a break. Most, though, will quickly discover that spending too much time alone (or stuck with the same people) leads to feelings of isolation and sadness.

Don’t let the coronavirus get you down while you’re stuck inside and practicing social distancing on the rare occasions that you venture outdoors. Even if you start feeling low, get a boost from popular podcasts that will lift your spirits. Depression doesn’t have a chance against these podcasts.

Listen to Podcasts That Focus on Self-Care

It’s easy to fall into bad habits when you don’t have someone guiding you along a healthy path. Luckily, plenty of experts make podcasts that focus on self-care.

10% Happier

Dan Harris looked like he had the perfect life. As an ABC News correspondent, audiences looked at his handsome face and listened to his intelligent voice daily. On the inside, though, Harris was a wreck. Unfortunately, he did what a lot of people do. He turned to drugs and alcohol to calm his anxiety.

Harris turned his internal life around when he discovered that meditation worked better than drugs for addressing his fears and being the best version of himself.

Today, he talks to celebrities, spiritual leaders, and mental health professionals about topics like mindfulness and meditation. His podcast, 10% Happier, gives you insight into how anyone can challenge difficult thoughts and feelings.

Harris is so in-tune with his audience that he has a free Coronavirus Sanity Guide. Episodes in the guide include:

  • How to Handle Coronavirus Anxiety
  • Wash Your Hands and Meditate at the Same Time
  • Coronavirus Safety is About Caring for Others

No one knows the power of self-care like Dan Harris. Why not learn from the best?

You should also check out these self-care podcasts:

Belly Laugh Your Way to Happiness

Ample research shows that laughing can reduce stress and anxiety. A lot of podcasters also spend their time touring the comedy circuit. Try these top titles to get your laugh on.

The Bugle

Watching the news is not going to make you feel better about the coronavirus. Isn’t there something else to talk about?

Yes, there is! And Andy Zalzman wants you to hear about them. Each week, Zalzman and his co-hosts talk about the most (and least) important news in the world.

Fair warning: The Bugle will discuss the virus and related subjects, but they’ll follow it up with fun discussions about new planets, aliens, medical cures for breakups, and Japanese cherry blossoms. You’ve never heard the news in such an exciting, funny way.

Other hilarious podcasts that you can listen to with kids in the room include:

Catch Up on the Best New Music

It’s hard to keep up with the latest music when you spend eight hours a day at work. Look on the bright side, self-quarantining means you can turn up the volume and dance to the best new tunes.

All Songs Considered

All Songs Considered does precisely what its name says. Every few days, you get a new episode covering the latest music from all genres. You’ll hear indie rock, rap, electronic, R&B, jazz, and anything else you can think of. Actually, you’ll probably hear a lot of things that you didn’t know existed. That’s the joy of following this show.

If you want to cut the chitchat and get straight to music, head over to Bob Boilen’s Playlist. He updates it weekly with fresh songs.

Want even more music to relieve stress? Try:

The world can feel like a scary place. Connect with these podcasts to stay optimistic and remember that the beauty outweighs the fear!

Getting Started

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