Punching the Clock: Managing Job Burnout

The typical workday can be exhausting for most, but when does this exhaustion become burnout? Burnout is defined as emotional or physical exhaustion resulting from being overworked or dissatisfied with your working environment. While burnout can leave you feeling hopeless in your position, there are ways to manage it and get more out of your… Continue reading Punching the Clock: Managing Job Burnout

Sugar Crash: The Downside of Eating Sweets

A majority of Americans eat more than the recommended amount of sugar each day. That’s no surprise since there is evidence sugar is more addictive than opioids. While some sugar isn’t bad, knowing its negative effects on your body and mind is necessary. Negative effects of sugar Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, causing… Continue reading Sugar Crash: The Downside of Eating Sweets

Food Mood Boost

Are you getting enough fruit and veggies, and what does it have to do with your mood? Nutritional psychology is a newer field of study in which researchers study the relationship between our diets and our psychological health.  While there is still much to learn, there have been many recent studies on how we can… Continue reading Food Mood Boost

Self-Care vs. Self-Soothing

While self-soothing and self-care may sound like similar concepts, they’re quite different. At the basic level, self-care is a long-term way to manage stress and anxiety while self-soothing techniques provide immediate relief after stressful situations. Developing strategies to practice both is an important piece of maintaining and taking care of your mental health. Self-care strategies… Continue reading Self-Care vs. Self-Soothing

Coping with Rejection

Being rejected hurts. Whether romantic, career-related, or personal, rejection is part of the human experience, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking or painful.  The next time you’re rejected, try these healthy coping mechanisms to help you move on. How can I handle rejection and manage the pain? Like we said earlier, rejection is… Continue reading Coping with Rejection

Managing New Job Anxiety

Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or transitioning to a different company, starting a new job can cause a variety of challenges and anxieties. Preparing yourself ahead of time for potential stressors can help you ease into your role from day one. New jobs & imposter syndrome One feeling associated with starting… Continue reading Managing New Job Anxiety

Run For Your Mind: The Mental Health Benefits of Running

Running has a wide variety of health benefits like improving blood pressure, building heart muscles, and strengthening bones. Beyond the physical benefits, running is also proven to positively impact your mental health. So, hop on the treadmill, hit the trails, and read on to learn why you should make running part of your exercise routine.… Continue reading Run For Your Mind: The Mental Health Benefits of Running

The Health Benefits of Head Massages

There’s no doubt that getting a massage is relaxing and rejuvenating. Massage therapy, however, can be expensive, time-consuming, and even inaccessible in some areas. But did you know that head massages offer some of the same benefits? They are also great self-care moments to reset and rest. The health benefits There are several physical health… Continue reading The Health Benefits of Head Massages

Strategies for Coming Out to Family & Friends

Taking the time to understand and be connected with your gender and sexual identities can be a stressful and trying process. Once you have accepted yourself, you may be ready to share the news with family and friends to receive their acceptance. But nervousness and anxiety can run rampant if you don’t know how they… Continue reading Strategies for Coming Out to Family & Friends

Something to Smile About

Smiling is something we do tens or even hundreds of times each day without thinking about it. Outwardly, a smile sends a clear message of joy, contentment, and pride. But what message does smiling send to our bodies?  In honor of National Smile Day, which is observed on May 31 each year, we’re sharing facts… Continue reading Something to Smile About