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Mental Health Month: Press Release

LAFAYETTE, INDIANA – April, 2020 – Valley Oaks Health, a provider of high quality mental health services to communities in Indiana, announces a three-part webinar series in time for Mental Health Month in May.

“With families in self-isolation to slow the impact of COVID-19, we believe it’s important to provide free information on how they can manage their stress, anxiety, and fear. Our webinar series is designed to do just that — It’s for everyone, from teenagers to seniors, who need help during this difficult time,” said Valley Oaks Health CEO Tom Gilliom. 

The Valley Oaks Health webinars will be available via the organization’s Facebook page ( Please “like” and “follow” the page to receive event invites to each webinar. The webinar topics are:

  • How to Tend To Your Own Self-Care When Self-Isolating. Learn practical tips on how to control your anxiety and how to talk about the pandemic in practical ways with friends and family.
  • How To Help the COVID-19 Anxiety of Children and Teens. Parents will learn how to talk to children about the pandemic and encourage them to ask questions, and why helping them feel a sense of control will ultimately help them become involved.
  • Helping Older Adults With COVID-19 Anxiety. The webinar will include information on how to stay involved in activities and family news, how to use digital technology and apps, and why social distancing does not mean social isolation.  

The national color of Mental Health Month is green; people are encouraged to wear a green ribbon throughout May to show support for people suffering during this national crisis. Valley Oaks will also be participating in a community-wide wear green day on May 28th. 

“What we want to show everyone in our community is that they are not alone,” said Gilliom. “Wearing green, sharing our resources, and tuning into our webinars will help fight the stigma around mental health and show we are all together during a pandemic that is keeping us apart.”

Mental Health Month dates back to 1949 by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which encourages local providers to increase awareness through digital tools. In addition to the webinar series, Valley Oaks Health recently launched a new library of content on its website,, that focuses on practical advice for families and households as we all combat COVID-related stress and anxiety.

For more information on Mental Health Month and Valley Oaks Health, please visit

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