Crisis Response
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Crisis Response

Mental health crisis response services are a vital part of any mental health service system. A well-designed crisis response system can provide backup to community providers, perform outreach by connecting first-time users to appropriate services and improve community relations by providing reassurance that the person’s needs are met in a mental health crisis.

Mental health crisis services vary depending on where an individual lives. Becoming familiar with the available services and how to access them is an important step towards being prepared for a psychiatric crisis. The better prepared a person is when faced with a crisis situation the better the outcome. The following are pieces that together make up an effective response system.

24-Hour Services

24-Hour crisis lines are often the first point of contact for a person in crisis or their loved one. Telephone crisis services provide assessment, screening, triage, preliminary counseling, and information and referral services.

Walk-In Crisis Services

Walk-in crisis services, such as clinics or psychiatric urgent care centers offer immediate attention. They focus on resolving the crisis in a less intensive setting than a hospital, though they may recommend hospitalization when appropriate. Walk-in clinics may serve as drop-off centers for law enforcement to reduce unnecessary arrests.

Mobile Crisis Teams

Mobile crisis teams intervene wherever the crisis is occurring, often working closely with the police, crisis hotlines and hospital emergency personnel. Mobile teams may provide pre-screening assessments or act as gatekeepers for inpatient hospitalization and can also connect an individual with community based programs and other services.

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