Monique Kulkarni

Senior Director of Clinical Services

Monique Kulkarni, Ph.D., HSPP is a licensed psychologist and Senior Director of Clinical Services at Valley Oaks Health, overseeing all aspects of clinical services across a nine-county area. Prior to this role, she served as Director of Valley Oak’s Community Living Program for Children and Adolescents, serving children and families through office, school, and community-based services in the greater Lafayette area. In addition to her current role as Senior Director of Clinical Services, she is also the training director for the agency’s APA-accredited pre-doctoral psychology internship program, overseeing the training of 5 pre-doctoral interns each year. Dr. Kulkarni earned her doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and completed her APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at the University of California, Berkeley. 

She has specialized training in early childhood mental health and a wealth of experience when it comes to issues of diversity and inclusion, identity development, and early career transitions. She is passionate about mentorship and giving voice to people who are not otherwise represented in the conversation. The best and most fulfilling part of her job is teaching and supporting staff in feeling confident and prepared to serve not only the clients and families we work with, but also to help supervisors ensure the success of their teams and individual staff members. It’s a way for her to invest in her community while still utilizing her education and training.

Getting Started

A Bright Future Starts at Valley Oaks

Walking through the doors of a center like Valley Oaks for the first can be tough. We work hard to make sure that your visit is easy, streamlined, and professional while still addressing your needs. The reality is that more folks are seeking help than you’d ever imagine, and for good reason. More than 80% of folks that seek help for common mental health ailments see significant improvement. Your journey to life’s peaks can start right now… and start right here… at Valley Oaks.