What Are Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders aren’t just about food. They are disturbances in people’s behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes toward food, eating, and body weight or shape. And those with eating disorders may also struggle with other psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and substance use problems.  Eating disorders aren’t a lifestyle choice, either. They’re serious… Continue reading What Are Eating Disorders?

The Signs Someone May Be a Victim of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry that exploits and endangers millions of people worldwide. It can take various forms, like sex trafficking or labor trafficking, and in most cases, victims are abused, manipulated, or threatened with inhumane or illegal activities.  The truly devastating reality is that anyone could be a victim. So, what happens if… Continue reading The Signs Someone May Be a Victim of Human Trafficking

The Lies Surrounding SAD

Experiencing a shift in mood and periods of sadness during the winter is common. However, for nearly 16 million Americans, these changes are more than “winter blues.” Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a form of depression that is impacted by shorter, less sunny days. Despite so many people experiencing SAD, there are still a… Continue reading The Lies Surrounding SAD

The Importance of Family Health History

For National Family Health History Day, consider your family’s invisible tether to you: genetics and mental health. Family health history questionnaires are common in doctor’s offices when being treated for physical ailments. For example, if your parents, siblings, or grandparents have experienced blood pressure issues or heart disease, your doctor may recommend eating heart-healthy foods… Continue reading The Importance of Family Health History

Mental Health & Genetics

A lot of progress has been made in mapping the human genome, gleaning information from our own DNA and our ancestors’. However, it is important to keep in perspective the reality of our health and well-being versus what our genetics predict.  Genetics and genetic history can inform healthcare providers about a person’s current condition. For… Continue reading Mental Health & Genetics

National Stress Awareness Day

Believe it or not, our bodies are not fully evolved to deal with the daily stressors of modern life. As Robert Sapolsky, a professor of biology and neurology at Stanford, describes, the stress response our bodies use today to deal with modern life is essentially the same one we used to outrun and outsmart prehistoric… Continue reading National Stress Awareness Day

Is My Child a Bully?

No one wants to believe their child could bully others. But even with the best guidance, some children may act out against their peers as a way of coping with their own difficult emotions or experiences. Here are a few signs you may need to have a chat with your child: Previous victim of bullying… Continue reading Is My Child a Bully?

Is My Child Being Bullied?

Children can be naïve and innocent to the world’s ugly truths. However, one truth they may be too familiar with is bullying. We are aware that bullying happens at all ages and shouldn’t be disregarded. It can take on many forms like physical, verbal, emotional, or virtual. According to the Child Mind Institute, bullying not… Continue reading Is My Child Being Bullied?

World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day, Valley Oaks Health is joining the World Health Organization in sharing the importance of mental health as well as the work being done in our community to provide support and healing. The importance of mental health Mental health helps determine how we approach life, handle stress, build relationships, and make… Continue reading World Mental Health Day

Physical Pain’s Impact on Mental Health

September is Pain Awareness Month, and at Valley Oaks, we understand the connection between chronic pain and mental health.  You may be familiar with the 0-10 pain scale a doctor shows patients when they’ve experienced an injury. This helps the doctor better understand how to appropriately treat the pain. However, pain can be elusive and… Continue reading Physical Pain’s Impact on Mental Health