Say Something Week

In four out of five school shootings, the attacker told people their plans ahead of time. During Say Something Week, Valley Oaks Health is sharing the signs of potential violence and asking you to say something when you see something. Recognize the signs Those who have an increased risk of hurting themselves or others often… Continue reading Say Something Week

Volunteering for Yourself

Even the most selfless acts can have some selfish benefits. If you’re wanting to connect with others in your community, improve your mood, and gain some valuable skills, volunteering may be just the thing you’re looking for.  Volunteering connects you to others Spending time serving your community connects you with others. By working together on… Continue reading Volunteering for Yourself

Race and Mental Health

Racism is a mental health issue because racism causes trauma. In addition to life-endangering encounters and severe traumatic experiences, people of color often experience day-to-day subtle traumas like: People who avoid them out of ignorance and fear Institutions, like banks and credit companies, that discriminate against them Mass incarceration School curricula that ignore their contributions… Continue reading Race and Mental Health

7 Actions to Take During Mental Health Awareness Week

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re paving a new path. Instead of stigma and silence, the one in five Americans who experience some form of mental illness deserve our understanding and acceptance. That’s why Valley Oaks Health is joining Mental Health America in their seven actions for awareness and advocacy.  If you’re up for the… Continue reading 7 Actions to Take During Mental Health Awareness Week

Now Offering Primary Medical Care!

This is where a journey to better health begins; primary care includes routine examinations, general health advice, and early detection of potential problems.