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Psychological Assessment

What is psychological assessment?

Also known as “testing,” psychological assessment is an in-depth look at the way a person thinks, feels, and behaves. The process of testing can vary based on the reason for testing, but generally involves meeting with a psychologist and completing tasks that have been supported by research to provide an understanding of a person’s functioning. The psychologist will provide recommendations based on the results of testing. 

How can testing be useful?

Testing has many useful purposes, including: 

  • Determining intellectual and cognitive functioning
  • Providing diagnostic clarification 
  • Assessing patterns of thinking, feeling, behavior and coping
  • Providing recommendations for treatment and level of care 
  • Identifying strengths and resilience

Who might benefit from testing?

People who experience the following may find testing most helpful: 

  • Have a long history of struggles with unmanaged mental illness 
  • Have made limited progress despite multiple attempts at treatment
  • May not be able to care for themselves in developmentally appropriate ways 
  • Display disruptive or maladaptive behaviors in multiple settings (home, school, work)
  • Display new symptoms, or symptoms that have recently worsened without explanation 
  • Are suspected to have limitations in their cognitive or intellectual abilities 
  • Have been court-ordered to participate in psychological testing 

Who is not a good candidate for testing?

In general, Valley Oaks does not provide the following testing; however, there may be exceptions:

  • Educational/achievement testing 
  • Children under 6 years old 
  • Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders 
  • Psychosexual evaluations 
  • Custody evaluations 
  • Testing for people who are experiencing active symptoms that impair their ability to tolerate the testing process. Examples may include active mania and/or psychosis

Please note, Psychological Testing Services are only offered at the 26th Street, Lafayette location at this time.

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