Face the Facts

Fear:1 in 10 children experience a period of major depression before they turn 18.
Hope: Many consequences of mental illness can be prevented with intervention. By getting support and equipping yourself with the right tools as a parent, you can help your child avoid becoming a statistic. Learn More
Fear:Members of the LGBTQ+ community are twice as likely as straight individuals to have a mental health condition.
Hope: More and more resources are available for LGBTQ+ with mental health issues. The National Alliance of Mental Illness, as well as the Trevor Project, provide a support network for LGBTQ youth and crisis intervention. Learn More
Fear:Only 44% of adults with a diagnosable mental illness get treatment.
Hope: There is a range of mental health treatments available, depending on what’s right for you. This might mean prescribed or over-the-counter medication, but could also be therapy, yoga, or meditation, all of which are scientifically proven methods of reducing symptoms. Learn More
Fear:Addiction manifests differently in men versus women, which makes treatment more difficult.
Hope: We now have information about how to better treat addiction by avoiding gender pitfalls. Develop a treatment plan that supports the aspects of addiction relevant to your gender—for example, social pressures for men versus self-medication for women—to increase your chances of recovery. Learn More
Fear:Parenting a teenage girl, as opposed to parenting a boy, increases the likelihood that you'll have to support your child as they work through a bout of depression.
Hope: 81% of those that get help for anxiety get better. Learn More
Fear:A child with ADHD is 25% more likely to have a substance abuse disorder.
Hope: With treatment, ADHD symptoms can be diminished as can the likelihood of substance use. Learn More
Fear:Half of students with emotional disabilities leave school.
Hope: Education about mental health issues decreases dropout rate by 80% Learn More
Fear:As a woman, you have a greater likelihood than a man does of experiencing anxiety.
Hope: Mindfulness therapy from a trained mental health professional has been proven to significantly reduce anxiety. Learn More