1 in 10 children experience a period of major depression before they turn 18.

What to Know

The numbers around mental health issues in youth are staggering: 1 in 5 children have (or will have) a mental disorder, and 1 in 10 people go through a period of major depression before the age of 18. And many parents have no idea.

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What to Do

Parents can do four things right away: 1) Talk with your pediatrician; 2) get a referral to a mental health specialist; 3) work with your child’s school; and 4) connect with other families. You can also begin by taking a mental health “Parent Test,” to see if your child is showing the symptoms of a problem.

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Many consequences of mental illness can be prevented with intervention. By getting support and equipping yourself with the right tools as a parent, you can help your child avoid becoming a statistic.